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Empathy or Intuition? Think I might have one of them?

I have Moon in Aquarius but oddly enough, I feel like I'm way too emotional to be a Lunar Aquarian. From what I've also seen, Neptune also does not touch my moon. I'm guessing Neptune has a lot to do with Empathy and also the sign Pisces. I do have Jupiter in that sign, but that's about it.

With empathy, I've noticed that I could internalize other people's emotions and feel them so well that it almost seems like they're my OWN emotions. Like that one time, I was annoyed by a certain classmate (and others were too) but I had a feeling that he was somehow misunderstood and that he could feel a bit lonely because of that (he talks to ANYONE because he won't shut up). Then, he mentioned... quite hesitantly, this his mother has cancer. Right there, I felt the stabbing pain thinking about how he must really feel and how he has to hide those emotions behind that cheerful disposition. I almost wanted to cry for him, idk lol.

Also that one time a friend invited me to a youth concert, and in the middle of singing a really emotional song, my friend beside me started crying as he sang along and I pat his back in comfort. A few seconds later, I started crying too because the emotions became really intense even though I wasn't that spiritual or religious to begin with, but it somehow was triggered when I touched his back. Intuition comes in sometimes really fast- out of nowhere. I just know things but I mostly disregard them because I always doubt myself. Although I'd always regret for not following those gut instincts...

But for the most part, I find that I can feel other people's pain in a very intense way or something. Or am I just exaggerating how I internalize their emotions?
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