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Re: Worried about my future, feel blocked....

asc lord mars elevated cap 2nd, wealth though own efforts

moon-cancer 9th inimical for scorpio asc,
stress-delays in luck-education etc,
inimical moon over sag first house,
health under stress probably,

moon-sat sag prone to worry about,
good at economics probably.

sat 2nd tending to earnings in distant lands,
sat aspect own acq protective of
domestic comforts-property matters,
may not be good for health of mother.

10th lord sun elevated over aries 5th,
tending to managerial-admin roles,
10th lord placed 8th from 10th
prone to fall in position sometime, to care.

mer debilated in pisces 5th emotional-confused,
mer 2nd highest deg, factor for vocation,

jup own pisces cancelling mer debilation,
slower pace of growth,

jup own pisces 4th quadrant,
growth-riches through advisory-consultant role,

pars fortuna over the 4th for property matters etc

mer elevated aspect over own virgo 11th
protective of income-gains-friendships hopefully,

venus 6th winning people through personal charm.
venus highest planetary deg the personality factor.

jup-mer pisces literary-poetic aptitudes.

all planets between rahu-ketu the nodes,
darkness below the lamp,
rahu true node transiting all planets at birth in sequence
tending to cloud things, rahu the giver though.

rahu taurus love of food-comforts,
ketu scorpio 12th research-occult aptitudes, secretive,
accident prone, tending to foreign lands

later ketu the separative node transit natal planets,
uprooting things along the path and relationships,
prone to pain-injury-surgery, to care.

all planets over dark half tending to be introvert-reflective,
not action oriented in approach. moon-sat prone to worry.

currently jup-rahu transit virgo 11th, gains through foreigners,
jup-rahu prone to vitiate judgment, rise-fall to care yr ahead.

ketu transit mer-jup pisces 5th, under anxiety, seeking change,
prone to pain-injury-surgery heart-stomach-lungs-liver etc, care,
ketu transit affecting romance-position-mother-property etc,
jup aspect own pisces protective hopefully.

sat now transit natal moon-sat sag under stress,
calling for long-term decisions of life.

sat aspect own acq protective of domestic matters.
sat aspecting virgo 11th restraining income-gains-friendships,
jup-rahu transit virgo tending to rise-fall to care.
ketu transit mer-jup pisces 5th under anxiety seeking change.

may be things settle sat moving to own cap 2nd,
while sat-mars conj prone to stress-struggle again,

jup year end moves to libra 11th for gains,
aspecting sun elevated aries 5th promoting position/status

natal sat retro scorpio asc, reserved, sentimental, suspicious

tending to urological health issues.
retro sat 2nd delays in family-finances,
mars debilated aspect cancer 8th prone to chronic diseases,
anemic health, urological issues, water accidents, etc
inimical lord moon over asc affecting health.

chart with potentials for wealth-finances, planets protective,
moon-sat prone to worry and be economic, delayed results,
all planets between rahu-ketu darkness below the lamp,
sun elevated 5th for position-status,
jup own pisces 4th quadrant, growth-riches through advisory roles,
mer debilation cancelled slower pace of growth,
mer aspecting own virgo 11th protective of income-gains,
sat 2nd tending to earnings in distant lands.

jup pisces trine elevated aspect over cancer 9th
protective of luck-education, trine scorpio protects well-being.

sun elevated aries 5th, 9th lord from moon, promoting luck

currently transits challenging jup-rahu tending to rise-fall,
ketu transit mer-pisces 5th under anxiety seeking change,
sat transit natal sat calling for long-term decisions of life.
hope things better when jup moves to libra 11th year later,
and sat moves to own cap 2nd for finances.
jup-rahu virgo 11th currently gains through foreigners,
but care avoid rise-fall.

hope generic observations-inputs give a feel of chart-transits,
pick-integrate as relevant, hope find the insights useful,

could share specific feedbacks per return,
technicalities apart, relevance of interpretations,

wishing well,

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