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Re: Ambition and Vocation

Originally Posted by Calvinsmom View Post
I sure understand this question and would love to chime in.

I am a cancer rising leo. Sun in 2nd, opposed Saturn in 8th. Uranus in 2nd, opposed Pisces moon in in 9th. Aries Jupier in 10th trine sun. Libra mars in 3rd conj. ic.

I struggled for most of my life, feeling trapped and unwanted at work. 4 years ago,
my life took a turn for the better when I began working from home as an inspirational health healer and therapeutic touch counselor. I have a cash based income and I report everything to the IRS. Prior to this, and I am now 51 yrs. old; the only steady job I ever held was 8 yrs. in the military.

I have horrible ADD and due to a severely horrendous upbringing in a chaotic, dysfunctional household I am a bit emotionally challenged. Working alone and seeing clientele who are respectful and caring is the only way I can function anymore. I don't know why, but the latter adult years have been far better for me emotionally. I never had a long term relationship before and now I am blessed with one, he literally walked thru my door as a client.

I am a big believer in the power of positive thinking and spiritual transcendence. Probably because of sun trine Jupiter, moon trine Neptune and pisces moon 9th house with cancer rising and pluto in 3rd. I am definitely perceptive and am a detective at heart.

Hope my post helps someone out there. To work for myself and be my own best friend has saved me in so many ways and I am so grateful.
HI, I feel the same unwanted at work, quit my job an I am wondering what to do now. Career and relatinships r suffering as I am quite challenged emotionally. I am single and wonder if I shd marry

can u see my chart n suggest something

Scorpio Asc, sun moon saturn in 1st house
jup, moon 4th house in Acqarius
Rahu in 5th house Pisces
ketu 11th house Virgo
Venus, Merc, Pluto in 12th house Libra
This is as per Vedic astrology

I am also had a horrible childhood n felt unwanted wherever I went.
pls revert
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