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Re: Ambition and Vocation

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4. A lot of Gemini or prominent Uranus. Here the person has so many interests that it is hard to focus on one thing persistently. Solar Geminis can be the Peter Pan characters of the zodiac.

I don't think mutability per see is a problem, because a lot of jobs require adaptability and flexibility. (Call it trouble-shooting.)
This really depends on a lot of other things. I have an overwhelming mount of Gemini AND a very prominent Uranus, including a solar Gemini in my chart but was dogged in my ambition. But I also had a very strong and very high friction Saturn. Also, while astrology doesn't specifically measure IQ, a person with a very high IQ is capable of dealing with a large number of projects and do well in all of them, much the same way that a grand chess master moves from game to game playing a multiple of opponents of much inferior quality.
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