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Re: Ambition and Vocation

Interesting to see those aspects mentioned. And I have another observation: ambition is often situational. Someone could have terrific birth chart placements for ambition energy, but not appear ambitious because they're not in a career or educational situation that works for the placements they have. The same kinds of placements that make someone ambitious might sink them and leave them feeling completely unmotivated if they're not pursuing the right kind of career.

And then there's ambition that doesn't fit our society's current definition of ambition. I have a friend, for instance, who's never had a career because of his disabilities and history of substance abuse and personal instability. For money, he draws disability. But he's been a social justice activist for years, and he creates terrific art. In those ways, I'd say he's ambitious, although ambitious is probably the last thing most people would ever call him! I've never seen his birth chart, so I don't know what kinds of placements he has. Wonder what they'd indicate.
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