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Re: Lilly translation.

Hi stargazer,

This is a good observation. Unfortunately this is an example where I believe Lilly is not using correct terminology.

Pushing virtue or power is something that occurs when a planet aspects another planet while that applying planet is in one of its dignities. The Moon in Cancer while applying to anyone would be an example of this. The idea is that the Moon would be pushing its counsel to another planet, but also be able to give them some resources to help that other planet complete the duties the Moon is pushing to it.

So, if the Moon were in Cancer and applying a Trine to Mars in Pisces and the Moon really wanted Mars to build a robot (and it's a day chart so Mars is peregrine in Pisces) Mars would be like "I don't know how to build a robot". The Moon is pushing power or virtue to him, though, so the Moon would be like "Don't worry, the instructions are included" and it would make it easier for Mars to complete the project.

But like I said, I don't think Lilly meant to use or didn't quite know what he was suggesting when he wrote this. I say this because Lilly is basically quoting (or at the very least very closely paraphasing) pg 556 of Bonatti on Horary (the Dykes translation) and here Bonatti says that the Moon or L1 need only being joined with (aspecting) the lord of the Third or Ninth with no mention of pushing power or virtue.

I would also beware of Frawley's explainations. I'm not very confident that man quite understands what is happening in classical texts after his handling of techniques in the past.
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