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Lately, ive been happy to tell jokes and hang with my new friends, waiting to get a new place with a roommate and cell phone back...

But in another aspects, like a love life... ehhh. FML. before i went to jail for a week, i asked my recent ex to get back, he practically said to go find someone else (Aqua moon coldness)! ... this almost made me suicidal...

I hate seeing other happy couples around me. erk -.- i feel like shooting them or sending them to another planet. every hot guy or girl seems unavailable, or taken(except taken buddies & their boo's). Fml and this is a week after jail.

I hate everyone atm except my hype-a** friends , my parents and my live-in aunt.

Im so mad that even I got mad at finding out that the guy who plays "Amazing Spiderman" was taken, i was f*ckin' p*ssed (not that i expect to be with him.. but i told my friends as a joke that i wanted to f*ck him in his face in front of his whole cast, even Jamie foxx)

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