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Re: Worried about my future, feel blocked....

Originally Posted by mdinaz View Post
You have Chiron in strong opposition to your Saturn in the 2nd. You strongly identify finances and financial worth with self-worth - "If I have no money, then I'm nobody". You realize of course that many of the most famous and prominent people in history came from abject poverty. If they had let their poverty define who they were, where would we be today?

You need to reflect and try to find out where this belief of yours came from. Chiron is also semisquare Venus, so again self-worth and financial-worth are intertwined. Venus is in Aries, a very poor position for Venus, where your quest for financial security is scorched-earth - a rampaging bull in a china shop looking for that one valuable nugget that you've already smashed into a thousand pieces. The Universe is unlimited, there is more than enough for everyone - but the distribution of goods is based on belief and faith. Again, you must study where this belief was introduced into your life. Did you have a parent who constantly harped that "money doesn't grow on trees", "Life is hard", "there's never enough", and so on? Money is not evil - it's a tool, nothing more and nothing less.
I can identify with these thoughts but doesn't everyone feel better about themselves when they're working, making a stable income, supporting themselves & not feeling stagnant? I'm do think I may value money too much, but I can't see how my thoughts can change based on the position I'm currently in. I think if you took people who were well off and put them in the same position I'm in, given the same drive and ambition, they'd feel the same.
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