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Re: Worried about my future, feel blocked....

You have Chiron in strong opposition to your Saturn in the 2nd. You strongly identify finances and financial worth with self-worth - "If I have no money, then I'm nobody". You realize of course that many of the most famous and prominent people in history came from abject poverty. If they had let their poverty define who they were, where would we be today?

You need to reflect and try to find out where this belief of yours came from. Chiron is also semisquare Venus, so again self-worth and financial-worth are intertwined. Venus is in Aries, a very poor position for Venus, where your quest for financial security is scorched-earth - a rampaging bull in a china shop looking for that one valuable nugget that you've already smashed into a thousand pieces. The Universe is unlimited, there is more than enough for everyone - but the distribution of goods is based on belief and faith. Again, you must study where this belief was introduced into your life. Did you have a parent who constantly harped that "money doesn't grow on trees", "Life is hard", "there's never enough", and so on? Money is not evil - it's a tool, nothing more and nothing less.

Transiting Pluto is quincunx your Chiron so this lesson is really grating on your nerves at this time. Not enough to push you into action, but enough to keep it constantly in the forefront of your mind. TR Uranus just crossed over your Sun so it was a period of great agitation and anger, and is now sextile your Chiron. Again, another finger poking into the wound but now giving you the impetus to get out of your own way. It is trine your Saturn so this is a good time to make some major changes in your beliefs and your financial status. Coming to the forum here was a good first step. TR Node is crossing your ASC and opposite your Node - a time of really re-evaluating your life and where you fit into the world - you review the past and where you've been and start looking for where the past no longer serves you and where you can now make changes. TR Neptune was square your Moon which is a very depressing and difficult aspect, but that is now passing so your mind should be clearing up now so that you can focus on the task at hand, quit feeling sorry for yourself and start making some changes. Don't wait as in a couple years TR Neptune will be square your Chiron so again events from the past are going to hit you and you'll have a lot to deal with again - you are only at the first step and need to be ready so that you don't get discouraged halfway up the mountain.

Perhaps you should start reading Eckhart Tolle's book "A new Earth" - it may be a difficult read for you at this time but it may be the point where you need to start introducing yourself to these concepts on how your thoughts and beliefs affect the reality you create. You have some negative beliefs about money and self-worth that need to be addressed immediately.
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