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Re: The Scorpio Rising Personality

I have Scorpio rising, with Pluto on my ASC... I have very often been accused of being shy, standoffish, reserved, mysterious, "holding back" QUIET etc, etc. I hate when people say, "You're so quiet!" Duh, captain obvious. I'm like, if I wanted to talk to you I would. I will talk your ear off if I feel like it. I am not actually shy, like I don't have a problem going right up to someone if I'm interested in them, or want to know about something, or speaking my mind, whatever. Just often I don't want to, and I do like my privacy, I absolutely hate being invaded, and I don't like being asked a lot of questions... So I think for me being Scorpio rising is being frequently misunderstood, and people are always trying to figure you out and psychoanalyze you, because you don't give them much to go on, and then they end up being wrong and it pisses you off because you expected them to read your mind first and be as careful as you would be if you were going to make a statement about the person. I feel like my major flaw as a Scorpio rising person is that I'm generally suspicious of people, and I totally will get way into people's heads when I'm talking to them sometimes, and it throws me off because I'll start reading their minds...which isn't exactly a way to get to know someone. But if I click with someone right off then I am comfortable with their thoughts, and I'll stop scanning them..sort of.
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