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Re: The Scorpio Rising Personality

I can say this about rising signs—regardless as to what planets are in the first, your decantes, 12th harmonics and the position of one's lights—the core qualities are effectively evident in one's day-in and day-out encounters. My cousin, who has a loaded first house, has Aquarius ascending, and she always exhibits her Aquarian traits, such as questioning everything and anything that is said to her. Nothing is taken at face value, and although, in some instances, this is an admirable charter trait, with her it is to such a degree of excessiveness that I find it exacerbating.

My brother has Virgo ascending; yet, very little earth and somewhat of an inconsequential Mercury. Despite his atomic Virgoian influence, he is a nitpicker and obsessed with perfection to the point of paralysis. Part of this behavior is inflamed by a difficult Saturnian influence, but the unmistakable Virgoian personality is blatant.

The rising zodiacal sign should be weighted more than it is by some.

In regard to my Scorpionic character, I just have not got the knack for being friendly and sociable. This is palliated to some degree by my Geminian Sun, but making friends has always been a slow process. Small talk kills, and if I do not have something in common that I find genuinely interesting, I will have nothing to do with you.

There was a time when people thought that I was a serial killer (those who did not know me very well, such as pub workers and whatnot) because my eyes are large and intense looking. My pupils dilate easily too, so I have a natural drugged-up look. Black eyes never go over well with people. It looks as if I am possessed, sometimes. I have no idea if that's a Scorpio thing. I believe it is my own personal peculiarity. Luckily, when people get past the facade, I am very well liked, probably because of the Cancer Moon and Gemini Sun. But the truth is that I could care less what people think about me if they have no direct impact on my life.

As for how I look, I don't look very Scorpionic. I posted my photo up here, and no one guessed Scorpio rising. (My photo is on my profile.) The classic Scorpio appearance should be taken lightly. It is subject to quite a range of variation.
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