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Re: The Scorpio Rising Personality

There are TWO Distinct types: (Here we go the real main part of the Scorpio characters).

Those that sting and those that don't. The first one is the lower type, vindictive know-it-alls who will never admit they are wrong. Outwardly they give the impression of a fine character, but they can be sarcastic with a mean disposition. They cannot be trusted because they are only interested in promoting personal gain. Some are frequently over-sexed.

The higher plane is courageous, loyal and dynamic. They have a personality that commands respect and their executive ability is tremendous. While they are not lovers of hard work, they will work hard if necessary to achieve success.

Both types have strong like and dislikes, and may be lacking in tact and fitness. They are strong, forceful, energetic individuals capable of immense feats of endurance and courage.
Features are relevant to the following combination according to this book:

Scorpio rising, Pluto in the first house, without orbs to ascendant, ruler of the first cusp in Scorpio, ruler of the first house cusp conjunct or otherwise in close aspect to Pluto, Sun or Moon in Scorpio or in close aspect to Pluto, Scorpio intercepted in the first house.


1) Average height and robust constitution
2) Strong physique with an inclination to stoutness
3) Nose it the most prominent feature, sometime being large with a hump, a high hump indicates aggressiveness and a low hump indicates defensiveness
4) Dark, sharp, piercing eyes
5) Broad, square face with strong marked angles
6) Often has heavy eyebrows which meet at the bridge of the nose, and sometimes come to a sharp point on top
7) Dusky complexion, and dark, bushy hair that may have a reddish glint when the sun shines on it
8) Short, thick neck that is similar to Taurus
9) Large teeth, and sometimes there is a space between the upper front teeth
10) Women are usually shapely, active and hip swingers
11) Women often wear their hair low on the forehead and close to the eyes at the side of the temples in a sort of pixy style.

I have feature number 1, 2, 3 (I don't have hump, the nose is not big but straight and higher than average Asian typical nose), 4, 6 (I do pull out and tidy them up!), 9 (a space between upper front teeth during teenage), 10, 11 (most of my teenage years I have this hairstyle as well). Scorpio Sun is in my 3rd house maybe that was the reason. In this book, there are another 12 pages of description of Scorpio rising physical features, body features, health and location of the ruler affects on the general big picture of life direction.
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