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Re: House Meanings

Anyway, I'm on the way to PT but just wanted to go on with Celeste. NO children ... she is an only child of a weak father and really dysfunctional mother to whom money was GOD.... everything was connected to how much or little money was involved. Even people who knew her mother superficially said her values were twisted.
It was also implied that her father didn't fight his illness because he wanted to get away from Though, not funny. Personally I think he let himself die because at that time there was no health insurance for the most part. They probably had Blue Cross... but that was really limited....and he didn't want to leave her broke.

There's also a major relocation in her chart...from upstate NY to Florida....just before the anorexia.. but she LOVED her new home... so that didn't prompt it.
There's more.
gotta go,

Celeste became anorectic at age 12. I'm gonna put up a prog. chart and transit chart for that year.
Hope I still have her charts from the past...I have exact dates for the anorexia and the relocation.
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