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Re: time for intimacy??

Originally Posted by SagSunScorpioMoon View Post
But Frawley says (p90, The Horary Text Book)

It is possible that an aspect may perfect immediately inside the next sign. Example: Moon at 28 Aries applies to Mars at 2 Taurus. There is no connection between them now. None at all. This is not an aspect but will be an aspect.
Such an aspect can show something happening after a change. But we must make sense of this change, as shown by the change of sign and consequent change of reception: 'Will she go out with me?' with aspect between you and her perfecting only after your planet has changed sign. Depending on wht the receptions show, this might tell us 'Yes she will - but only after you've got a job'. The change of sign shows a change in circumstance, and/or a change in attitude.
Limit this to a few degrees of the next sign. If the aspect does not perfect within, at most, 3 or 4 degree of the next sign, the thing will not happen.

Now I understand the Sun has to travel 10 degrees or so to enter Scorpio and conjoin Saturn, so maybe the above does not apply...
It seems everyone has a different interpretation of traditional rules based on who they learned horary from and what era of the Art they are including. Some of the problem, though, comes from people mixing traditional natal astrology rules with traditional horary rules; they are not interchangeable but, it has caused some confusion for many.

I agree, like Frawley, that a change of signs is a change of circumstance. But, consider this: logically, if the circumstances change, then so does the original premise of the question. Therefore, it is a denial of perfection for the original question as the circumstances have, obviously, changed and a new set of parameters and circumstances are now at the fore. But, to each their own. The nice thing about horary is, you can see it work or not so you don't really have to waffle around much with what is right or wrong.

Also, just to be clear about 'evasion'. In the above chart Saturn is actually evading the Sun because Saturn changed signs before the Sun could get to him. So, in any case, the chart is indicating the matter is too early and that Saturn may be dodging the issue in favor of settling other matters in their life at this time.
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