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Re: The Song!

This week's update (Trial 2), including…

* Samandra81’s vibraphone (it's after the first lot of "Choir/Aaaah" sounds.)
* Lissa’s "Kraftwerk" sound/beat (at the end of the song.) Kind of
* And the (hopefully) uplifting feeling to it.

And… Yes, okay I admit it, I didn’t get the cowbell joke. But my rock solid alibi is that I’ve never watched Saturday Night Live in my life. But I do know who Will Ferrell is. So please remember, that I am hip. I am cool. And, ummm, I am totally with it, when it comes to video games (not WOW but you know… Space Invaders, Frogger… That kind of stuff.)

More next week... E.g. Maybe that infamous guitar sound and more (fingers crossed!)

And yes, I’ve got a lot of info (your comments/recommendations) to catch up on!

Like this kind of stuff.

Thanks once again
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