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Re: Synastry- Venus conjunct Mars between family members?

Originally Posted by Too much Aquarius View Post
Thanks Flea and Silverfish for your comments.

Interesting comments about Scorpio there Silverfish.
I never realized how family orientated they were.
She doesn't seem him anymore at the parents request because it caused problems because he wanted to see her all the time and it all came across a bit wrong.
Anyway the Venus conjunct mars is 2 degrees s. I'll try and post a modified chart.
Also I have to ask about your views about the Venus/ moon aspects? Is just that I have the conjunction as a double wammy with my new partner, I thought it was a positive aspect? Let me know, thanks!

I only use aspects that are under one degree orb for that particular observation about Moon Mars and Moon Veus hard aspects. No twelve degree out of sign "squares" and no semi sextiles. Also my observation wasn't about interaspects between people's charts, it was about aspects in a natal chart.

So if a natal chart has a square between the Moon and Venus that is one degree or under in orb, that would raise my attention. Bear in mind that even then, such aspects of Venus or Mars are common in celebrities' charts and then usually aspect the chart angles, and there are other qualifiers too.

I would also look at the chart as a whole. Somebody might have a Moon Mars conjunction and the rest of the chart be very sweet, and they might have a boiling temper that they keep well under control so nobody ever sees it, or even use that special Mars to excell at competitive sport. But a lot of psychopathic aspects in a natal chart would throw up a few question marks for me, thats all. Again, if the orb is two degrees or more, forget it.

As for your original question, it sounds as though the granddaughter is a child and the decision isn't hers, so I don't know. I just noticed that you implied that her Pluto is in Sag, so she is still a child.

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