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Synastry- Venus conjunct Mars between family members?

I won't post the chart between the family members for privacy reasons.

This issue has caused huge problems in my family to the point where certain members won't see each other now.
Anyway it involves a grandfather and granddaughter. The main issue is obsession on the grandfathers side.

The grandfather has a t square involving a mars in Scorpio squaring Venus/Pluto in Leo squaring moon in Taurus.
From this t square alone you can imagine the sort if person he can be!!

In the synastry chart

Her Venus conjuncts his mars in Scorpio
Her Venus squares his Venus/ Pluto
His moon opposes her venus
Both jupiters conjunct both Venus'
Both suns conjunct both mars
Mercury conjunct mercury
Lastly his Venus trines her Pluto.

So what do you guys think?
I only looked at this chart of my family members recently and I'm not sure what to think?
I can't find any info on aspects like this between family members

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