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I know that transiting Pluto is working towards that, I think... I hope that I will be able to transform and transmute that belief pattern.

I think also that when Pluto switches from Sagittarius to Capricorn in my first, I will be able to concretize and put into form with both a sturdy interior and exterior skeleton that is more the me my soul wants me to be rather than the me that the outside world has tried to form.

The real battle for me is that I did have a past life where I was a "guru" of something and I know that I misused the power that came with that respect from my disciples. I know that I really liked the power and somehow it was "absolute" over my disciples, almost to the point of completely destroying their critical thinking abilities and their ability to see that they had free choice. The energy I feel from that time is that I took their responsibility for their lives and actions away from them (and yes, I know that they willingly gave that to me also). I do not want that type of power this time and I feel that type of power corruption all around me. I look at Bush, the fundamentalist groups in all religions, and other forms of misuesd power and shudder because I know where it can lead to, and it is not healthy and for the highest and greatest good of everything that Earth provides.

I would like to be a repsected teacher but not a "guru" and we live in a time that many people are demanding "gurus," perhaps an artifact of the Pluto in Leo generation. Being at the beginning of the Pluto in Virgo generation, I can see the excesses of "guru"-ism and want to be purified and cleared of them. Yet it is so easy to be drug back into the excesses beause of my 8th house Leo Sun, my Uranus in the 8th or 9th (depending on the house system used), and my Mercury/Pluto Virgo conjunction squarley in the 9th. I haven't figured out the path of balance yet that will allow me to be a supportive, nurturing, healing teacher without the power issue coming into play. I am not here to take power and responsibility away from others, rather to give it back to them.

I haven't found the way to do that yet.
My 2 worth, take what fits and ditch the rest.

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