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Re: Pluto conjunct South Node?

Originally Posted by OuterPlanets89 View Post
I personally don't know any Pluto conjunct S.Node people, but I can imagine why it'd be a difficult placement.

While Pluto and the Moon are vastly different, they both are unconscious forces that are difficult to fully change without a lot of effort. And when either one is on the South Node, the odds of sticking with S.Node patterns due to emotional comfort (Moon) or for control (Pluto), are very high...making it especially difficult to work towards one's North Node lessons.

I know someone who has Leo Moon conjunct S.Node, and Pluto square the nodes (and her Moon). This person runs away from anything that challenges those Leo Moon/S.Node foundations.
I have Pluto conjunct the So Node in Leo, in the 4th house.

Just to add to the misery, Black Moon Lilith conjuncts my Pluto as well.

AND Pluto/So Node is the apex of a T-square with a Mercury/Jupiter opposition on the Asc/Desc axis.

So your description is pretty accurate. The unconscious forces can feel like a tsunami at times. It is very hard to go against that tide.

Luckily, I have some very powerful positive aspects which help me to elevate that energy into something transformative. [Uranus in Cancer trines the Mercury and sextile the Jupiter/Asc.]

Pluto/So Node helps very much when trying to help others deal with their own unconscious and their own neurosis and repressed feelings. As a metaphysical counsellor, that Pluto/So Node came in handy.

It does trigger addictive type behaviours. Cravings become overwhelming and it is hard to battle those types of urges at times.
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