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Re: Pluto conjunct South Node?

Originally Posted by chuckles View Post
Why is this conjunction so bad?

I don't have this aspect.

How would south node conjunct pluto all square moon(on midheaven) turn out?
I personally don't know any Pluto conjunct S.Node people, but I can imagine why it'd be a difficult placement.

While Pluto and the Moon are vastly different, they both are unconscious forces that are difficult to fully change without a lot of effort. And when either one is on the South Node, the odds of sticking with S.Node patterns due to emotional comfort (Moon) or for control (Pluto), are very high...making it especially difficult to work towards one's North Node lessons.

I know someone who has Leo Moon conjunct S.Node, and Pluto square the nodes (and her Moon). This person runs away from anything that challenges those Leo Moon/S.Node foundations.
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