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Re: Extreme Aqua

Dear Frisiangal, Thank you very much for this, and yes i DO see what you mean, and it's a very rich and helpful insight. The single biggest shift of perception i guess is the one from seeing the bigger incarnational task as dissolving everything in the 12th House, to building something lasting in the 10th. That feels like a major re-alignment. Over the last twenty-five years, faced with the obvious tendencies of the squares to Neptune, i put a lot of energy into developing a spiritual perspective that could relieve me of the feeling that i needed to be a high-achieving Somebody in this lifetime (Mars in Cap?). That education was in no way wasted, for many of the reasons expressed in your input. But now apparently there's perhaps a different application of that education. The new chart showed that Pluto was conjuncting the MC exactly as i contracted a nasty auto-immune illness that has slowed me down over the last 2 years on a number of fronts. I guess there's a lot of wait and see in all this, but with some big things coming down the pike. I will mull it all further, thanks again. M
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