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Unread 09-03-2005, 11:45 AM
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Hy! My name is Katy, i m 21 years old, born on 16.o2.1984 , 12:30 in Bucharest. I enjoy everything that is connected to astrology, but i m new in this field. I'm interesting to find all about my relationship, cause right now i m passing through a not verry good moment :cry: :cry: :cry: , and some help is just what i need.
My botfriend is born on 27.07.1982 12:30, Bucharest
Date of our first meeting: 9.06.2004, 18.00
I m anxious to know why i m feeling right now so ill in my heart, cause my relationship doesn t work very well.
So, i need your help in this matter, to know if my relationship is one for future!
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