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Re: Are these two compatible?

Are you the 1st chart, with the Grand Trine? I will assume so.

Your Sun is nearly unaspected. The only aspects are Sun opposed Saturn and Sun widely conjunct Chiron.

Both of these aspects are kind of stressful and anxiety prone triggers for the Sun.

The Sun in the 8th opposing Saturn might indicate self consciousness and perhaps a lack of confidence in terms of intimacy and romantic relationships.

Your Venus in Taurus in the 7th would have a strong desire for a solid, stable love relationship. But the Square to Moon in Leo might create some internal emotional conflict in building and maintaining that relationship?

You are both Geminis, both with Venus in Taurus. That is a nice thing because Geminis do well with other Geminis. Itís nice to have someone else who likes open communication and likes to debate the pros and cons of the relationship. And both having the Venus in Taurus, makes you both stable and loyal, which is a nice quality for a Gemini.

There are some differences here, which is also a good thing. You have a lot of Fire and Air. Your Fire Grand Trine brings exuberance and enthusiasm, in spite of the serious demeanor of the Sun/Saturn opposition.

She has a lot of Earth. And here chart type is a funnel to Jupiter in Virgo in the 7th. She might be a pit nit picky and critical at times. Jupiter opposes the Moon and squares the Sun, which can create some volatility perhaps ?
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