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Re: I'd like to start an international astrology school


If you want to discuss the ins and outs of setting up an online astrology school, that's fine. However, using this site for business purposes is against the rules, except in very limited ways.

What's allowed is advertising an existing astrological service on the Advertising board and/or with a link in your signature. If you don't have an existing astrological service but you're looking to start one--like this school would be--you're allowed to ask for tips on going about it.

What isn't allowed is using this site to facilitate money changing hands. If you had an existing astrological service that you were advertising, you could get customers from here, but they would have to contact you about it outside this forum--NOT through posts or private messages on this site--and all discussion of your service and fees would have to take place off this site. If you're looking for financing for this astrology school, that likewise would have to be discussed off this site. No making posts or sending private messages to ask other members to invest.

Since you haven't mentioned money so far, your post is within the rules. Please keep it that way. If anyone does offer to join you in this venture, please exchange contact info with them in pm, and take any discussion of financing and payment off this site.

Within the rules,
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