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Re: Transiting Neptune square the natal north node/ascentant

I thought I'd update this thread, as I had one freaky dream yesterday that seems so symbolic of transit now of Mercury/Sun/Mars conjunct my south node, with transit Neptune now in exact square with nodes. I only heard the words, shouting in a Scottish accent, "awaken the Kraken"!! I have distant scottish ancestors, but I'm not scottish. I had no idea what the Kraken was until Google helped. It seems to be saying to face the sea monster that stands between me and my future, emotionally (Moon/Neptune) my fears. I also have transit Uranus on my Chiron now. I also decided to continue on my teaching path, drift for a bit while I find the next avenue to pursue but also working through my Chiron stuff while Uranus electrifies it.
transits: transit uranus square natal sun / transit square natal


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