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Re: Will we buy the ranch? Our first home?

Originally Posted by LillyLane View Post
Well, we are all in not the best shape. I am 8 months pregnant and we have been looking for weeks. The properties all suck except for this one. The house belonged to one family who built it themselves. They are trying to get out of selling it to someone who wants to tear it down and build a new house. We wrote the owners and told them we want to bring new life to the home and start our family there. I think this chart shows this problem?

The house needs TLC, that is for fiance really is excited about this house and wants to make it our home. I feel like living there will be "roughing" it. The bathroom is from the 1970s? or original. I am thinking we would have to update the bathroom first along with buy all new appliances. I think a new bathroom would be priority.

I just wonder if we will get the house.
Re: Will we buy the ranch? Our first home?
I just wonder if we will get the house
Hi LillyLane,
for your question i do not see bying this house.
but i will agree with above and what tikana says.
It is better to wait a little. The planets do not help at this time.

Plus if you see Mercury (you and your fiance) and Jupiter have no contact. Both are retro and especially Mercury in bad shape and do not help in decisions and contracts. Jupiter is also close to the critical degree in the house of communication and documents.

Another additional element that tells us that things are not as they appear is that Mercury has passed Neptun with contra antiskia () and will find him again in the future. This tells us: Any discussions and communication or agreements (Mercury) will not be what it looks like () and there will be "traps" ()

If we take 2nd and 8th again (your money and the pocket of others), we will see an obstacle. Aphrodite (your money), while going to meet Mars (the pocket of the others) will find Saturn in front of her.
This Mercury in the future when he returns normally will square with this Saturn. Hermes is in the fall of Saturn. Saturn is the ruler of the 5th house.

Of course we also have a Moon (hopes, goals of dreams) in the fourth and go to find Mercury (you and your spouse) with a square (frustration and obstacles) and after Saturn (restrictions and delays) that may have to do and with issues (5th).
good luck
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