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Originally Posted by david starling View Post
No one, including Trump himself, is denying the deposition was made, and still exists. Ivana was paid millions to drop the charges and allow the sworn affidavit to be sealed, but she never really recanted. She still says the incident DID OCCUR, but has to say she doesn't consider it a "criminal act". Michael Cohen, Trump's defense attorney, told her that "by definition", there's no such thing as spousal rape.
Ivana made millions and Stormy 350k, AND trump later agreed a ‘hush’ payment was made to Stormy!!!!

He is a pathetic creature and there is no making his minions see his flaws because they seem to identify with him!! It is for us to understand that bit. The sad part is that some such minions have voting rights, but luckily some can only talk and have no say in getting him elected.

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