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Smile Re: Donald Trump will be impeached.

Originally Posted by Dirius View Post
Really? I think its hilarious. Because Joe Biden has been accused of the same stuff Trump has.

So by your own principles you shouldn't vote Biden.

I mean, if Tara Reade is telling the truth, then Biden is a rapist.

Are you voting Biden? Very funny situation for democrats if you ask me .

Because seemingly you are planning to vote for the alleged rapist Joe Biden. Even Kamala thinks he might be one.
By your logic, neither of them is a rapist, since it hasn't been proven (yet) in court. In fact, by your logic, every criminal act ever committed that hasn't been proven in court NEVER EVEN OCCURRED!

I don't have a "thing" for Biden the way many do who have pledged their allegiance to Trump. Biden will just make a MUCH better President, which is what it's all really about. Looking forward to it!

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