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Re: Aunt on Facebook

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
Well, you've got a lot of nerve, asking for the type and depth of information you won't (or cannot) even provide yourself. First you demand references, then you don't read them, then you are unable to distinguish between the facts and opinions in a given article.

I saw your variables for NZ and Ireland.That hardly scratched the surface of the issues they purported to describe. What was this from? Your honors thesis?

For Pete's sake, Dirius. This is a thread on Osamenor's auntie and Black Lives Matter.

Time to focus.
Oh I see.

Well why don't you explain to us why it doesn't scratch the surface of the issue they purported to describe then?

No my honor thesis was on fiscal policy and inflation cycles related to debt applied to Argentina and Uruguay. I don't think you would understand much of it.
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