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Re: Aunt on Facebook

Originally Posted by Dirius View Post
No No No.

You posted a few links, to some articles some newspaper published.

Those aren't studies. Those are opinon pieces.

And most of them focus on one topic (the last one on "income inequality").

I gave you multiple variables for each country, from unemployment, to GDP, to wage growth, etc.

And everything I wrote came from me, not from someone else writting that down. I only linked the data which proves my point.

Thats the diference. I am writting from my knowledge.

You are just passing off some articles by someone else, which don't even come close to disproving what I said.
Well, you've got a lot of nerve, asking for the type and depth of information you won't (or cannot) even provide yourself. First you demand references, then you don't read them, then you are unable to distinguish between the facts and opinions in a given article.

I saw your variables for NZ and Ireland.That hardly scratched the surface of the issues they purported to describe. What was this from? Your honors thesis?

For Pete's sake, Dirius. This is a thread on Osamenor's auntie and Black Lives Matter.

Time to focus.
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