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Worsening relationship with father

Hi guys

Going to dive right in; for all my life, I have had a difficult relationship with my mother who has a tough personality. Were both fiery people (shes an Aries with almost only fire placements, no water). My relationship with my father (also an Aries) is much calmer, hes the voice of reason. Recently, since a year or so (covid happened), I find it difficult to recognise my father sometimes. Sometimes I wonder who he actually is. I find that our relationship hasnt exactly improved. These last weeks it has become more difficult (hes quite harsh with me, even offensive). Tonight he really exploded and slammed his fist on the dinner table. Food went everywhere. He was furious with me, I have never experienced this. I dont find I did anything bad (mind you Im 27 ...) to be treated as such.

Is there anything in my natal chart relating to my relationship with my father, or any transits, that could stress the relationship? I put our birth charts here, as well as our synastry chart. I love both my parents dearly (I have no siblings, and we all have Leo Moons), and this situation saddens me in a way I cannot put into words.
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