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Re: Is my Mother My Secret Enemy? arabic parts....

Originally Posted by Jlynn View Post
I understand your concern, but your mother may not necessarily be your secret enemy. It could be, someone may fight over an inheritance that she is involved in. The best way to find out is to examine her chart... or do a synastry. Arabic parts can be tricky... Astrology in itself is a weather channel of your life. It's what could happen, if conditions are right. In this situation, keep your eyes and ears open. Check on your mother, ask her how she is doing, gain some clarity.
Yes thanks, There will be alot of money when she dies. Im not the kind to fight over money. , but Im guessing there will be some conflict concerning the sharing. I m trying to ask her about her chart, and she wont make up her mind whether she was born in 1948 or 1949... Weird... i think she knows Im onto her.
She lied about my birth time, so Im paying our friend here Kannon to do a rectification. Thanks for your input.. Much appreciated.. 💫
You need to dig deeper if you want to find the Treasure . L.Rae ☉/♏︎ ★ Asc/♏︎ ★ ♀/♏︎ ★ ♆/♏︎ ★ ☿/♏︎★☋/♏︎ ☾/♐︎ ★ ⴲ/♐︎ ⚘/♍︎ ★ ♂/♍︎ ★ ♅/♍︎ ★ ♄/♓︎ ★♃/♌︎★ MC/♌︎
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