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Re: Uranus Transit Conj Sun

"virgo in health house is a sensitive intestine.."

I do have a sensitive intestine. But it's more hereditary. My father and his father both have IBS. And while I've never been diagnosed with it I'm pretty sure I suffer from the same thing. Neither my father or his father have Virgo in 6th house. But my fathers AC is exactly opposite mine in Libra. I can't remember my grandfather's AC off the top of my head but I know it isn't in Aries I would've remembered that. I think he might be a Gemini/Cancer AC.

"from my experience it is more the third time a transit planet passes."

Not sure what you mean. Uranus passes twice moving forward and once by retrograde. It won't pass 3 times moving forward over the sun in my chart at least. What I was saying is that the second time it passes moving forward is when the effects are more noticeable.

But after talking to some other astrologers. This transit makes more sense. There's a lot with the nodal axis and Uranus squaring the nodal axis natally going on right now. Uranus transit also Trine my MC. Pretty much what happened is I got a relatively new job working for the Carpenters Union. Which has Uranus written all over it. Anyways because of this new job and some very powerful prophetic dreams I've had lately, I've also been volunteering more in my community specifically at my church and with friends and neighbors. This all has brought a lot of peace into my life and has allowed me to make connections and friendships I never saw coming. Also it's added to my finances quite a bit and has allowed me a lot more freedom lately financially. And has freed me from a lot of panic and anxiety I was feeling before. I kind of feel like this panic is a reminder that I'm on the wrong path and I've noticed a lot less since I've been involved in my community more. Which is what Uranus is calling me to do in this lifetime. Especially since my sun is on my SN. I feel like I need to use my abilities and talents to help the community at large and to share my gifts and talents with others. I know I'm on the right path because the feedback from the community is so positive and everyone seems to be feeling the love im sharing with them and they are reciprocating it. But in the past I was definitely more of a do it myself for myself type person. Where now Uranus has called me to do it for others and I can really feel the love and acceptance right now now.

"You share same experience of being a man with your father"

So, yes and no. I feel like while a lot in my life is similar to my father's life. I can say the same about my mother's life. And I can say the same for my grandparents lives and mine. And I think this is true in everyone's life. We all are products of our parents and we all experience similarities to them. After all we are merely our two parents just mixed together in one body and the same goes for our parents just mixed versions of their parents. It's true what you say but I don't think it's unique to this chart. I see this in everyone's chart. It's very common to share aspects and planetary positions with our parents as well. I think astrology often goes hand in hand with genetics and it only further proves the legitimacy of astrology. I have a child of my own and his chart fits perfectly with his mother's and mine and when I have more children I think I will be able to accurately predict their birth because of what I've learned from my own birth and my sons and countless others.

"Neptune and its transits definitely also plays an important role in your chart - and is conjuncting your moon now - for a healing of childhood experience and to get independant from."

This Neptune transit to my moon has if anything taught me how empathetic I really am. It's made me a more nurturing person and also I've been much more susceptible to crying and just overall feeling things a little heavier than I used too. I've always been extremely calm and collected and rather emotionless. But I've been opening up more emotionally and really becoming more comfortable in feeling emotions and communicating them more effectively. Additionally, there's been an urge to live soberly. In the past I experimented with drugs and alcohol more freely and the more this Neptune transit goes on the less desire I have to partake in that lifestyle. I've quit using a lot of substances I used to do for fun simply because they no longer feel fun and no longer serve me. I still drink every now and then but I keep it to an absolute minimum because I just don't care for it. It's more of just something I do to be social and not be the weird one when I'm out with friends. I guess also I started to notice that substances made me feel uncomfortable. I wasn't a drug addict or anything but I would smoke weed, take psychedelics like LSD and mushrooms, I used to smoke heavily and drink heavily a few times I tried certain pills but never really cared for it. But it was all for fun. It just doesn't seem fun anymore. I'm sometimes jealous of people that can still have fun doing that because I used to have great times with friends and now it's just boring for me. I don't feel like I've changed at all because of it. I definitely feel like the biggest change is that instead of partying I'm working and just overall being a bit more responsible with my time. And I have more time to pursue other hobbies. My dreams don't feel like they've been altered much. I've definitely had times when dreams were more intense so to speak. But I've always had clairvoyant dreams and it's really uncanny how accurately my dreams predict future events in my life. I've had times in my life when I can lucid dream and have absolute control every dream world but lately that's faded. I do have some recurring nightmares I've yet to get to the bottom of. Another thing with this moon I think you mentioned is feeling things especially others. And I think one thing I identify with the most is sensing others emotions and intentions. I really have a sort of psychic awareness of others and I can feel what others are going through when I'm with them. Sometimes it feels like a burden and other times like a gift. I'm really energized in situations where there's a lot of excitement and at the same time It can ruin my entire day when I'm in a stressful situation with others. Seeing other people cry and being near somebody who is upset never fails to bring me down. I'm easily brought to tears seeing others cry. I can really feel what they are going through and the emotions are really heavy sometimes. And if I'm around it too much I can feel really drained after awhile. I was recently at my grandfather's funeral and I went through so much watching my family mourn him that the following week I just felt absolutely numb. This week of the numbness and deep introspection occured at the beginning of December. Those dates you included. There's was death and mourning and my mother's family (Pluto) at the end of November and then a week of calm, numbness and introspection. Then, About December 9th. Things went into fast forward and I was busier than ever and I started a new job started earning more money. Met hundreds of new people started becoming bigger part of my community especially at church joined some online forums where I was able to meet others and talk about things I'm really interested in started practicing learning languages again I just felt like I had all this energy and the world felt exciting and everything was looking up and I had no time to stop and think about what was going on because I was so busy. And it seemed like Uranus was really kicking in for the first time in a long time. I remember specifically though the day my grandfather was buried Jupiter was at 0 degrees capricorn. And that day really felt like there was a huge shift in the world. I had felt down for a long time and from that day on things just started looking up. In a way. I had a new energy and new willingness for life. Not just to live but to live with purpose and live with meaning. And not take things for granted. A lot psychologically changed for me. And the following week of introspection I went through a lot of internal changes and I believe I came out of it better than ever.

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