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Originally Posted by Zora View Post
With your sun nearly exact on your AC at point of your own birth - being in semisextile with your injury chiron in scorpio on cusp of your 2nd house and squaring your uranus as ruler of 5th house (your own life energy but also father) it looks like you experienced or witnessed already at point of your own birth something sudden and unexpected ungood reaction of your own father, hurting you or perhaps also your mother. Did your father perhaps would have preferred more to have a son ? (chiron sextile pluto)

What could as subpressed emotion also affect afterwards your own behaviour (6th house) but also your health (6th). Neptune as ruler of 6th house squares your saturn as significator for your mother (4th house).

Your virgo-mercury in 12th house is also prenatal experience during pregnancy of your mother- where you could have taken over feelings from her- not belonging to you or caused by you or yourself.

What were you told about your own birth ?
Thanks for your response! I do think its affecting my health because I have a lot of painful stomach problems.
My grandpa actually died a couple days before I was born which was very traumatic for my mom
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