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Re: Paranoid and Obsessive

Originally Posted by erintherese View Post
I suffer from horrible OCD and constantly feel like people are out to get me. Growing up, I had a father that played a large role in this whom I do not speak to anymore. I have a hard time trusting people and feel trapped inside a head that never quiets down. Are there any placements in my birth chart that can contribute to obsessive thoughts?

Hello Erintherese,

your personal mind and thoughts are in 3rd house with sagittarius in, pluto on cusp of 3rd and ruled by jupiter. As jupiter is in your 5th house- thoughts are connected with father experience (5th house), too.

All what is called “obsessive” and psychological as “paranoid” is in any chart individually shown in 8th house-sign and ruler.

Venus rules your 8th house and is in 2nd house in scorpio with venus/pluto correspondence and could have the meaning of feeling yourself as a victim or in fact you have really once nexperienced yourself as a victim. Venus is in quinkunx/inconjunct with saturn as ruler of 4th – mother and childhood experience. Chiron is in scorpio and semisextiles your pluto as ruler of 2ndhouse exact on cusp 3rd house and squares your 0 degree virgo moon in 11th house. Moon is in quinkunx (tension) with uranus as ruler of your 5th house – father experience and your and can show an unreliable father with unexpected actions and a tendancy to loose his emotional control..

And then stored this memory in your subconscious (8th house) with your scorpio venus. And beginning from this moment your are very cautious and look intensively (scorpio) for setting boundaries and to protect your own space- but what could be called more as clever and a good self-protection (2nd house) than paranoid or obsessive.

The difficulty is – that your memory is stored at the age- the first issue happened – and if not in an adult age - it is stored as a helpless and powerless child or teenager- what is no more true if you get an adult. It is important to get you aware of this in your mind and consciousness - that you have now other means to solve and handle a worse situation.

Actually transiting saturn still supports your venus/saturn quinkunx and uranus transits your sun, pluto and your uranus to support you with liberation energy to get rid of it and to turn it around for your better - but things are coming up again into your mind first, during this time.

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