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Saturn Transits

Hi all,

I'm new to this forum and a novice astrologer so please forgive me if I am missing some of the right etiquette. However I have a question around Saturn transits to my natal chart and am hoping someone can help.

My birth details are 3rd of July 1984 at 13.40pm in Dublin, Ireland. I am currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I currently have the following longer term transits with Saturn active according to the site

Saturn Opp. Venus
Saturn Opp. MC
Saturn Square Asc
Saturn Opp Sun
Saturn Trine Moon
Saturn Sextile Mars

This seems like an awful lot of Saturn energy. Can anyone advise on how long these transits will last or what the general implications are for my vibe right now. Feels like things have been a little uphill. I know I also have Saturn in the 1st house right now according to my progressed chart. In my natal chart it's in the second house according to Placidus and first according to some other systems like Campinus. Any hep much appreciated!
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