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Originally Posted by lulo View Post
Hi Heart, thank you so much for your answer.

Yes it resonates.

Actually, I consider myself a Libra with a lot of Scorpio traits. Well more than traits, with escorpio experiencies, and I guess it has something to do with Pluto.

Pluto rules the underground, mining, oil, the death, etc. I am a mining and oil lawyer (hehe, a combination of my Libr and Pluto). Jupiter is nice with me, but my life is really complicate sometimes. I guess it has something to do with Saturn ... restriction is my second name, especially for the last 7 years.

My life change so fast, people come and go ... a lose friends so fast and gain others at the same time. I gain status at work, only to see after some years everything changes or in crisis. So, I guess there are contradictory forces playing in my chart.

Do you think that is correct?

Is possible to have a decent life having Pluto Jupiter and Saturn placed in the natal sun??
Sounds about right. Having Jupiter Saturn and Pluto together means crazy ups and crazy downs and a lot of lessons thanks to Saturn but then a lot of optimism and hope thanks to Jupiter. Pluto changes you and having it all in libra you donít mind the change being cardinal in fact you want the changes
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