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Re: List of Erroneous, Illogical and Fictitious Systems in Astrology

Originally Posted by david starling View Post
From an Age of Capricorn perspective, it does seem impossible for such a low-tech civilization to have constructed them. Unless you factor in the Age of Scorpio, which enabled paranormal abilities we no longer possess. Consider the amazing achievements of this Capricornian Age, using technology that spans the globe, and could bring an end to all life on Earth!
We still possess those abilities, we never lost them. They are just harder to manifest and harder to bring forth from within ourselves. This is because this reality is solidifying (in lack of a better term) more and more and there is an ever-increasing time gap between intention/visualization and manifestation. This process of solidification is our own doing, our own creation. This reality is an interactive system, it reacts to thoughts and beliefs. More people believe that the world is solid, more energy to that thought pattern, the more "solid" it becomes. Not just the current generation but all the people who had these thoughts throughout the timeline.

Similarly, astral and higher realms and all beings that exist there are our creation and are now part of the collective unconscious. What was at first imagination and belief of a few individuals, through a continuous process of thought energy accumulation became a reality (in collective unconscious). However, these realms and beings are still dependant on thought energy supply from us.
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