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Re: UEFA Nations League 2019 Prediction

Originally Posted by Torero View Post
Based on the current situation, we realized that we made a mistake in the analysis and the England team changed the places of the winners.

England, as we see, ranked third.

I believe that the winner of the tournament will be the Netherlands.

Sun-representing Portugal is located in the 7th house, the guest house and even in the sign of Mercury. Almost complete complete submission to Mercury. Mercury himself is close to 7th house and will go there as the game progresses. My prediction is a confident victory for Holland at regular time.
While the sun was in the 7th house, Holland did not lose, as soon as it left, it was freed from 7 houses, Portugal immediately scored a goal. The map of the event was not personally analyzed by me, and the stars determined the victory without my participation))
Prediction only with the help of sports astrology
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