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Astrology and the power of gemstones - can they exist with each other?

Hello everyone
I came across this forum here and would love to have a chance to hear other's opinions. Recently I backed this crowdfunding project that involves these creators putting zodiac symbols on Gemstone dice. They claim to have researched the stone's "lucky" colours, as well as tried to match their chosen colours to zodiac and astrological symbols, but I also feel that they are not necessarily experts.
You can see what I am talking about here: [Deleted link to kickstarter campaign. Posting request for money, including links to fundraising campaigns, is against the rules. - Moderator]

Now, I am one who believes that there are things on this earth that may be able to affect one's Chakra, and I also feel that our alignment with the stars and celestial bodies has an impact . What I am not sure about is that if both can influence each other, or counter each other - I myself being a Libra, I feel that there can be a balance in these forces affecting each other but I am also somewhat a skeptical.

I mean, for example - let us say that in the next month it is revealed to me through my horoscope that I may be in for some financial burden. Do you think that the powers and energy residing in a gemstone or item created out of gemstone like these dice I am backing, have the potential to remedy that, despite what the stars say? I know I can take precautions and prepare for what is revealed to me but do you think that gems from the earth can provide a potential barrier or protection against what astrology says? Or are the celestial bodies too powerful and beyond the natural entities of this earth?

Please let me know what you think, as I am very interested in hearing people's opinions on this topic. Thank you very much!

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