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Re: Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology Part II - Seven Stars


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There are three surviving definition of void of course in Hellenistic astrology and they all state that the Moon is void of course (kenodromia) and they all require the Moon not making configuration* or completing a conjunction or any aspect within the next 30 degrees. Trine with Sun would cancel it.

*The authors appear to mean any kind of aspect (schema), but obviously this does not make sense with the latter part of the definition - both can't be true as the Moon can't never be void of course according to that definition. My personal hypothesis is that the original void of course was by whole sign exclusively and 30 degrees was meant in that context, but textual corruption made it work across signs.

I use what Dorotheus says, if neither the Sun or any of the planets is present in the same sign as the Moon or aspecting it through sextile, square, trine or opposition, it is void of course. Both considerations are very uncommon. For other definition read -

But why does void of course exist in the first place? It seems to be tied with the seven-zone system since the Moon is responsible for transmitting the influence of the upper six planets to the sublunar realm. Thus if the chain is broken with the Moon, the nativity endures hardship, poverty and undistinguished life.

The Indian yoga is quite different technically, even though the unfavorable prediction is similar.
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