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Re: What does he want from me? please help :-/

Originally Posted by Nof View Post
thank you dear for your help and support.

yes. you right. I was negative with this idea. because I dont want to get hurt again.

By the way,
In the past - he tried several times to meet.
Just at the end it was always idle.
Sometimes because I suddenly could not ....
And sometimes because he suddenly could not.

If the first randomaly meeting was in a void moon time....
but we meet again after one and half years n-o-t in a void moon...
there is effect to the first void time? or it's a new meeting event chart?

my natal chart - with scorpio Sun Venus Pluto Eros and Mercury.
his natal chart - with scorpio AC, Juno and BML.

so the interpretation for the scorpio in the horary chart it's different?

thanks again ��
it doesnt matter what planets you personally have in scorpio- even if you both have all your planers and everything in scorpio- thats natal astrology NOT horary

the rule is that when the moon is in scorpio it is severely damaged and nothing good can come from this matter- at least not now at this point in time

From 15 degrees Libra to 15 degrees Scorpio is an area of the zodiac which is via combusta. When the Moon is via combusta the horary chart either can't be interpreted or nothing can be done about the problem or situation related to the question.


some more comments on the moon in scorpio from another site:

The Via Combusta Moon is "unpredictable"; Lilly says "not safe to judge". That says it all! The future action the chart predicts is not stable or, in a sense, "legible" in the chart. The querent may be somewhat obsessive about the matter in question. The chart may otherwise be very descriptive, however, and that will give you practice reading a chart.

either way- your emotional state is not letting you see clearly

i always live by the following:

if its not a HELL YES!- then i wont do it.

if i just for one moment feel doubt, a negative feeling or something just being not right in my gut- about any subject matter- i dont do it. its really simple and it has never failed me. if its not hell yes- then its a no for me. usually not doing that particular thing results in me finding out, later, some facts that confirm that my feeling on that issue was right. if you have a bad feeling about something- do not ignore that. trust YOURSELF. if your own emotions are telling you- this doesnt feel good- then why would you not listen to that? no one on earth can give you better advice- believe me.


i also like living life sometimes- a bit on the more adventurous side

so if you are sooooo torn inside of what to do

just go on the date- if it doesnt work out- well youve done that before, with the same guy- did you survive? sure! even if he breaks your heart- you will survive for sure and you will at least know that you tried instead of always wondering- but what if i did go? would everything have been different? either way- if you dont make a decision- or you do make a decision- if you are meant to be either way, you will be together. and if you are not meant to be together- you wont. doesnt matter what YOU do- go or not go, if it is truly yours- you cannot escape it. if it truly isnt yours- nothing you do will make it stay.

just say to yourself- before you go on that date. if it doesnt work out- at least i know i tried. if he breaks my heart- i knew that could be an option. i now at least know for sure that this is NOT what i want and ill survive just like i did last time- its a breakup, not the end of the universe. im just going to see what happens. have fun with it- dont make such a drama out of it. BUT if you go in worrying and being afraid of a potential critical situation already being half depressed just at the mere thought of it- then i think you should stay home, maybe meditate a bit, read some books, watch something on youtube to calm yourself- and move on with your life because nothing is worth worrying about and certainly no boys thats for sure

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