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Re: Question about my chart?

Originally Posted by watcherofthesouth View Post
Andrea - wonderful reading!
Looks like it was "too good" for my own good, so mihail deleted everything, lol. Np though

No to anti depressants is what i will always and with no exception say, because i think that there are so many other alternatives:
-plant based smells, oils or whatever, music, tv series or internet channel, foods, drinks, such as certain spices (curry and coconut milk dishes?), a certain type of tea like matcha or black tea, (real, not sugared) honey stuff, a certain type of meditation, funky drawing/painting or crafting or dancing or singing, buying some flowers to put in your room or around your house, or even a "bonsai" to take care of daily, taking pictures of things you find interesting, exercise of some kind, buying yourself skates or a bicycle) I feel like if you have money for a year long therapy with pills, first try to spend on something from the earth, all of these are able to help your mood in such special ways, but not all at once, of course!
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