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Originally Posted by mihail View Post
Hello all. I'm so depressed again. Considering I dislike the effect of living on my Jupiter line, it is not a good/strong planet in my chart, right? I have like anxiety on my Jupiter line and it's impossible to find a good job or make friendhips. So Venus lines are out as well due to Venus/Saturn opposition, Moon lines are out (too moody), do I even have a planet that is not bad?! Been looking for a job since many months and nada. No one takes me seriously in those corporte jobs. Ideally, I want to do acting/singing but I have no connections there.

I am currently looking for a doctor to prescribe me an antidepressant as I cannot feel happiness at all without medication but most of them have failed me in the past. I have Scorpio moon so medication is a must for normal life.
I didn't like my moon line too much either but I lived there in and out for about 12 years. I especially don't like opposite that my Chiron line they are almost right next to each other. And I've lived along both of them and hated it. I didn't care for Neptune&Saturn too much. I was arrested there multiple times and it was a very racist state and I was subject to a lot of prejudice. Kind of what Neptune is doing currently by transit in Pisces.
I absolutely loved Neptune&Uranus. They are conj in my chart and living between the two lines in real life is awesome. I always love visiting Venus lines it's my birthplace and the curved Venus line is my mom's birthplace which is where I'm moving too next. I don't care for sun lines too much and Pluto lines are powerful indeed. Never lived there but I had a very powerful 2 day stay on a Pluto line. It changed my life forever. I like Jupiter lines though. Under the right circumstances I think they could be very beneficial. I was just so young when I lived there that I don't remember too much. I did learn a lot though. By far the best place to go to school.
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