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Re: Ivf

Marizkora, thanks for your kind words.

I wouldn't worry so much about the barren indicators in your natal chart. Mine looks fairly awful, but I did have two healthy children, now adults, and one adorable little grandson.

My 5th house does have Aquarian Mercury, Venus, and the sun, but they are ruled by Saturn in the barren sign of Virgo. My Saturn is in the 12th house (1st in whole signs.) My moon is in Leo, another barren sign, in the 11th house ruled by the moon--in Leo. Mercury has a tiny bit of essential dignity, but the other planets have none. My moon opposes my Mercury-Venus conjunction.

It's OK if you find this difficult to visualize: my main point is that I don't think the old fertility indicators always work today. Probably because most women have much better nutrition, medical care, and sanitary conditions than our foremothers did hundreds of years ago.

I think it's generally true in life that if we want something too badly, we tend to push it away. Medically I think stress does inhibit conception, which may be nature's way of shielding babies from all of the stresses that people had historically, like war, famine, and epidemics.

I hope you can "Let go and let God" emotionally. This doesn't mean not talking to your husband and doctor about IVF, just letting go of all the stress in your own mind. If you don't believe in God, just think of this as letting the universe support you.

With all good wishes, W.
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