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Originally Posted by waybread View Post
Muchacho, I think your theory might work in some cases (like mine,) but obviously too many women, over the course of history, have had babies they did not want for various reasons-- some of them pretty awful, like girls who were victims of gang rape and incest.

Marizkora, I would suggest that if horary interests you, that you make an effort to study it-- on some other questions. You've got so much palpable stress riding on this question that you're trying to wrestle the chart do things it just wasn't intended to do.

I have a lot of sympathy for your dilemma. I have two adult children, spaced 5 years apart. This timing wasn't deliberate, though: the "stork factory" simply shut down after my first child. After 3 years of "trying," I got my head around being the mother of an only child, and I told myself how fortunate I was to have that one healthy, wonderful little boy, and decided not to plan on any more children. Not long after that decision, I became pregnant with my daughter.

Stress is a big inhibitor to conceiving, as you know. So if you can tell yourself that you are fine just as you are, and fortunate to have the good things in your life, see if you can let go of all of the tension you are expressing.

The whole question of modern fertility treatments (donor eggs, donor sperm, IVF, and so on) just didn't exist when horary astrology was invented, so we have to try to simplify questions down to the point where a horary chart would be usable.

Bottom line, is that you want to have a healthy baby, and you wonder if IVF will make that happen. This question lets us put you as the first house, and your hoped-for baby as a 5th house matter. I think everything else only serves to confuse your basic, fundamental question. It's not "either/or" with normal sex with your husband. It's not trying to locate an egg donor in the chart. It's not looking at planets that don't relate to your question and its significators.

With the moon applying to a trine with your sun, I think the key is getting your husband to agree to your having the procedure. The sun is a traditional significator of a woman's husband. Then both the sun and moon apply to a trine with Jupiter.

The 4th house traditionally shows "the end of a matter." I don't think it gets us somewhere we haven't already been, with Saturn ruling the 5th house of children.

You say that, "something must show;" but as I said, this isn't always the case. This chart shows conflicting testimonies. Some charts have considerations against judgement. Sometimes when this happens the chart actually doesn't show the question's true moment in time (which might have been earlier,) sometimes the querent doesn't know or won't say her real question.

But really, Marizkora, you want this decision to be between you, your husband, and doctor. Not based on some amateur astrologers' best guesses.

With all good wishes, W.
Waybread and muchacho I love you ! Muchacho I'm full of negative thoughts and stresssssss.... Waybread you spoke like mother thank you. My natal is awful all barren. This stresses me more. Moon at ASc in Gemini, sun Leo, 5th house has Venus Mars NN and Pluto but the lord is mercury in virgin! Only a Jupiter in cancer . Wherever I turn I see Mercury.
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