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Originally Posted by Marizkora View Post

In fact i hate it!!!
Yeah, I can see that reflected in the receptions.

Originally Posted by Marizkora View Post
BUT there is a huge but...
if i cant on my own then my self will force me to do it.If it is the only way to give birth that way then i will do it. But i hate it.
It would be like sucrifice for me. Im not in the time to do a decision . its too early . But but i wanted to see forward thts why i asked the question.. to know what to expect.. If the chart said yes go for egg donation its the only way then with cry and sadness i will do it...
Sacrifice. Thats the real word .
So now according to you i have to wait. Maybe sth would happen ..good maybe..
I'd rather take a look at your birth chart. The birth chart should give the full picture about your ability/chances to have children.

But again, astrology aside, you should really get clear about why you want to get pregnant and have a child. Are you under some kind of cultural pressure to have your own biological child? I can tell you from personal experience that those miscarriages very likely happen for psychological reasons. I know several women who got married and then were expected to have children right away but psychologically weren't ready. First it took a long time until they got pregnant, and when they finally got pregnant, they had miscarriages. Things changed when they heard about other women conceiving easily and enjoying their pregnancy and then playing with their newborns. They actually spent some time playing with babies. And suddenly they were ready, they conceived easily, their pregnancies and births were all without complications and their children are all fully healthy. So my guess is for some reason you are blocking this.

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