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Re: Ivf

Marizkora, I totally got your question the first time, but please realize that when you ask a question that does not fit a horary format, we have to pose the question in such a way that it fits.

Sometimes charts give a mixed testimony. They do not always give a clear, unambiguous "yes or no."

This was your OP question:

if i should use donor s egg( in order to have a reliable birth of healthy child )
I didn't see anything on your OP about the alternative of your continuing to try to have a baby without this procedure. You're not contemplating IVF just to do IVF. Your goal is to have a baby out of this procedure.

There is such a thing as over-thinking a chart and a question. It's best just to look at what your chart is telling you.

Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, the sign on the cusp of the 5th house of children. This is true if you use a whole signs system, as well. So Saturn has a lot to say about the affairs of this house. It doesn't matter whether the sign on the cusp is at 0 or 29 degrees of this sign.

Look, I don't make up the rules of horary. I report and interpret them as best I can.

We can view the moon in Pisces as co-ruler of the 5th house. Pisces is one of the fertile signs, so that's to the good, as the moon's applying trine to Pisces' traditional ruler Jupiter, in the first house. I'm not sure if the sun translates light here, as the moon will get to Jupiter before the sun does. In any case, with the applying trine to the sun, I wouldn't see it as a prohibition. In the first house, Jupiter also co-rules you, the querent. Jupiter has some dignity, being angular and in its own terms.

Jupiter retrograde suggests to me that you are having second thoughts about the procedure.

The 8th house rules the reproductive organs. The 8th and your ascendant (you) are ruled by Venus. She's normally beneficially, but Venus at 22 Leo has no essential dignity, although it is angular.

But here is where other testimonies look less wonderful. Venus makes no aspect to Saturn, the moon, or Jupiter. Essentially we're looking for whether those 5th house planets or rulers will come to you, or you to them.

Venus is in the sign of Saturn's detriment.

Marikora, I'm sorry not to give you the answer you want, but if you're ambivalent in your own mind about IVF, maybe the chart reflects your ambivalence.
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