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Re: Ivf

Please let me give you my interpretation and then pleasee correct me as you are much more experienced.

I see a beautiful trine between sun fertile jupiter ferile and moon fertile..
jupiter is tradionally the baby moon is maybe me ..the mystery is which is the sun??
in the chart the house 11 which has to do i think with surrogacy is mercury or sun???
if it is mercury then the things are a little bit good for me .. but if it is sun then the answer im searching is that the solution is the egg donation but it would not work because of husband s denial.
or the answer which seems in the 4 th house is that i must not proceed to egg donation because in the near future something good would happen..???

Sun is in the moons sign and in the exaltation of jupiter.
Sun is definately the co ruler of 10 th ( doctor ivf techniques ) but i don t know if it is the donor ..
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