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Re: Is it fair for a man who killed to get $10 Million Dollars?

Bunraku, you are right, he received the huge payout because his rights WERE violated.

As I understand it, it was because he was just shy of his 16th birthday.

Therefore, should have been considered a child soldier,

BUT was it necessary to give him $10 million dollars?????:crying :

How much did the widow of the soldier he killed and the soldier he blinded in one eye? As I understand, there is a CAP on compensation for deaths and injuries in the US military.

And Khadr never apologized for his crimes!

So if the Canadian government felt his rights were violated,
then apologize and let him move on with his life. With NO money involved.

He's not the 'innocent' victim he portrays himself to be.

And I'm doing more research on this when I have time but a poll conducted recently in Canada shows the MAJORITY of Canadian do NOT agree with this huge $10 million 'win' for killing and seriously wounding US soldiers.

71 of Canadian OPPOSE this huge compensation package.

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*Unpopular opinion incoming*

The law is supposed to be blind. His rights were violated - we can’t just selectively pick and choose whether to apply laws to someone on the basis that you don’t like them as a person.

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